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autotools transition report: first call for testers

The obvious bugs seem to be fixed.  What's left are the not-so-obvious
problems, and we all know the remedy for those:  more eyes.

A diff against the input files would be huge, and would require every
tester to go get the latest autotools.  (Which we'll be requiring for
development anyhow, but not yet.)  A diff including the generated files
would be even larger.

So, for the present:  please go to
and follow the instructions there.  (Basically, it's a tarball of the files
that have to change as part of the transition, including generated ones.)
You shouldn't need to regenerate anything.

At this point, native builds are my primary concern.  I'm especially
interested in testsuite results.  A couple of cross-build bugs have been
fixed, I've made a couple passes, but haven't tried running the testsuite
in a cross environment yet.


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