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Re: Getting Apple's libstdc++ debug mode into the FSF tree

On Wednesday, July 16, 2003, at 12:53PM, B. Kosnik wrote:

I don't like -debug=c++, because it says nothing about the library.
-debug=c++lib is more precise, and not too much more typing.


Please help me try to keep some semblance of consistency around here....


Consistency with what? The library is called libstdc++, we link with -lstdc++, and it's the library for the C++ language. Using 'cxx' instead of 'c++' is okay when required (e.g., for macro names), but unless we're going to change the name of the library I think it's more confusing to put cxx's where we could have c++'s. At this point, the only places we expose "cxx" to the user are:
1) the configure options for libstdc[+x][+x] debugging and precompiled headers

I'd guess that most users that have to deal with either #1 or #2 understand why we need to use cxx in those contexts.


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