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Include guard conflict

	Hi all,

when I compiled my code with g++ (mainline) I got horrible errors. The problem 
turned out to be the changed include guards of the file bits/stl_vector.h.

gcc-3.2 has: #ifndef __GLIBCPP_INTERNAL_VECTOR_H
wheras mainline uses: #ifndef _VECTOR_H

The latter was also used in my (numerical vector) header file, as a result its 
contents were no longer included...

The same goes for all other bits/stl_*.h files.

This seems to contradict the manual, which promises that all macros 
controlling the library start with _GLIBCPP_, see 

Googling for 'include guard' 'libstdc++' did not help, so I pose this question 
here: Is there any particular reason for this change? Is the usage of such 
short names an accepted new policy? The risk of breaking use-code (like mine) 
is clear and present...

I apologize if I have missed a previous discussion of this subject.

I hope to hear, thank you in advance,

	Regards, Jan van Dijk.

Keio-Tsuushin Residence
Jan van Dijk, Room 210
2 Chome 19-30, Mita Minato-ku
108 Tokyo, Japan
tel: +81 3 5476 9461 (home)

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