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Re: Updated patch for std::list: Performance and memory usage improvements.

Benjamin Kosnik wrote:

Sorry, I was confused by the long time these patches took to get in.

No problem, it certainly did take a while.

It looks like there has been some fall out with your patches and -Wcast-qual.

Can you take a look please?

Yes I'm taking a look. The warning is absolutely correct and is indeed due to the first stl_tree.h patch.

The patch changed the std::list class. The main change is to the behaviour of the constructor and destructor as the list header node is no longer dynamically allocated/de-allocated. This improves performance and saves memory.

I added this to your ChangeLog entry.


Yes, using the attached performance test program here are some numbers tested on i686-pc-linux-gnu.

I'd like to add this as:

2003-07-08 Gawain Bolton <>

* testsuite/performance/ New.

Looks good thanks.

Please consider adding similar bits for the other changed containers, or
modifying this to deal with all of them.


By the way, any comment on my suggestion to move functionality out of stl_tree.h into an source file to be part of libstdc++ library as described in:



Gawain Bolton
Coignieres, France
PGP Info: Key server:
         Key id: 6EBEDEA6
         Fingerprint: 65C0 0030 21D1 7A01 546A  E7DB D60F 47E0 6EBE DEA6

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