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Re: More problems building libstdc++-v3 on Alpha

On 29 Dec 2000 at 10:48 (-0500), Richard Kenner wrote:
| I kludged around the problems that require GNU as and the next problem was
| that include/bits/ctype_*.h were somehow coming from the AIX directory. 
| I kludged that by manually changing the symlinks into the "generic" 
| directory.
| Now I get this:

[error snipped]

hmmm. I saw numerous errors as well, but not this one. FWIW, I got a mostly
successful build by.

  0) 20001225 snapshot configured with ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/opt-cvs
	1) kludging the atomicity asm.
	2) modifying the aix c_type header so it would compile. (note: i'm not
	   certain that these modifications were correct, since I got a whole 
		 bunch of other errors). basically, I removed the __OBJ_DATA macro
		 from the aix c_type header, and made other minor modifications to 
		 use the mask array used in sys/localedef.h.

	after what appeared to be a good build, I got _tons_ of 'ignoring duplicate 
	symbol' warnings from ar, and at run time, there were _tons_ of undefined
	symbol errors from the /sbin/loader. I'm really lost at this point, since
	I know little of Alpha's native tools, and what might be the cause of the
	'duplicate symbol' warnings and subsequent missing symbol errors.

wishing I could help.

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