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Re: Again: Bootstrap failure for objdir containing colon

> > This problem has been fixed two times during the last month and now
> > reappeared for a third time, and the failure really was a bit hard for
> > me to understand, so just imagine some regular user. :-O
> It was never really fixed.  All attempted fixes broke something else.
> As I said, it's tricky to fix correctly.

Alexandre is right. I tried to fix this but it broke libjava, thus it had 
to be reverted. 

> > What confuses me a bit is why this is causing problems for libstdc++-v3
> > while it has been working for years (and the rest of GCC). Is there some
> > special requirement libstdc++-v3 has?
> Because libstdc++-v3 is the first package (AFAIK) that exports its
> build parameters (header and library search paths), as opposed to
> having them hard-coded in the top-level build machinery.

...something we want to encourage, IMHO.

I'd love to see this fixed. I don't think it's too hard to do, but I've 
been unable to do it correctly. Alexandre, if you could come up with some 
solution I'd love to see it.


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