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Re: Again: Bootstrap failure for objdir containing colon

On 16 Dec 2000, Alexandre Oliva wrote:
> One of the big problems of `make' is that there's no good way to quote
> colons.  If we start actively supporting build directories containing
> colons, some day someone may demand supporting source directories
> containing colons too, and then there won't be anything we can do.

Well, I think there is a big difference here: We can easily control
whether we use colons in the source directories or not, but we cannot
easily control the names object directories.

This problem has been fixed two times during the last month and now
reappeared for a third time, and the failure really was a bit hard for
me to understand, so just imagine some regular user. :-O

This is a real regression from GCC 2.95, so we should address it, IMHO.

> That said, I'm not against fixing this particular program.  The
> problem is that it's relatively tricky to do.

What confuses me a bit is why this is causing problems for libstdc++-v3
while it has been working for years (and the rest of GCC). Is there some
special requirement libstdc++-v3 has?

> Automake has support for `include'ing Makefile fragments.  Maybe
> that's what we want to use?

That sounds interesting. Mind, though, that I'm definitely not a
configure/Makefile hacker, just a poor user whose test builds started
failing. ;-)

Gerald "Jerry"

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