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V3 PATCH: documentation shuffle

As discussed on the V3 list, this moves all the HTML documentation down one
directory.  Applied.  I have not included the 85 lines of "file {removed,
added}, no comparison available," and this will still be the most boring
changelog entry you'll ever read.

Took three attempts; the cvs server would die after a dozen or so files.

2000-12-09  Phil Edwards  <>

	Move the HTML-containing subdirs from 'docs' to 'docs/html'.
	* README:  Update the locations of instructions.
	* docs/doxygen/run_doxygen:  New file, stub.

	* docs/Makefile:  Moved...
	* docs/configopts.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/documentation.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/install.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/lib3styles.css:  Likewise.
	* docs/17_intro/BADNAMES:  Likewise.
	* docs/17_intro/BUGS:  Likewise.
	* docs/17_intro/C++STYLE:  Likewise.
	* docs/17_intro/CHECKLIST:  Likewise.
	* docs/17_intro/COPYING:  Likewise.
	* docs/17_intro/DESIGN:  Likewise.
	* docs/17_intro/HEADER_POLICY:  Likewise.
	* docs/17_intro/PROBLEMS:  Likewise.
	* docs/17_intro/RELEASE-NOTES:  Likewise.
	* docs/17_intro/TODO:  Likewise.
	* docs/17_intro/contribute.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/17_intro/headers_cc.txt:  Likewise.
	* docs/17_intro/howto.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/17_intro/libstdc++-assign.txt:  Likewise.
	* docs/17_intro/organization:  Likewise.
	* docs/17_intro/porting-howto.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/18_support/howto.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/19_diagnostics/howto.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/20_util/howto.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/21_strings/gotw29a.txt:  Likewise.
	* docs/21_strings/howto.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/21_strings/stringtok_h.txt:  Likewise.
	* docs/21_strings/stringtok_std_h.txt:  Likewise.
	* docs/22_locale/codecvt.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/22_locale/ctype.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/22_locale/howto.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/22_locale/locale.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/23_containers/howto.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/23_containers/wrappers_h.txt:  Likewise.
	* docs/24_iterators/howto.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/25_algorithms/howto.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/26_numerics/howto.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/27_io/howto.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/27_io/iostreams_hierarchy.pdf:  Likewise.
	* docs/ext/howto.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/faq/index.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/faq/index.txt:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/Makefile: here.
	* docs/html/configopts.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/documentation.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/install.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/lib3styles.css:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/17_intro/BADNAMES:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/17_intro/BUGS:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/17_intro/C++STYLE:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/17_intro/CHECKLIST:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/17_intro/COPYING:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/17_intro/DESIGN:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/17_intro/HEADER_POLICY:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/17_intro/PROBLEMS:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/17_intro/RELEASE-NOTES:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/17_intro/TODO:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/17_intro/contribute.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/17_intro/headers_cc.txt:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/17_intro/howto.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/17_intro/libstdc++-assign.txt:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/17_intro/organization:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/17_intro/porting-howto.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/18_support/howto.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/19_diagnostics/howto.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/20_util/howto.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/21_strings/gotw29a.txt:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/21_strings/howto.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/21_strings/stringtok_h.txt:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/21_strings/stringtok_std_h.txt:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/22_locale/codecvt.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/22_locale/ctype.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/22_locale/howto.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/22_locale/locale.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/23_containers/howto.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/23_containers/wrappers_h.txt:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/24_iterators/howto.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/25_algorithms/howto.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/26_numerics/howto.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/27_io/howto.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/27_io/iostreams_hierarchy.pdf:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/ext/howto.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/faq/index.html:  Likewise.
	* docs/html/faq/index.txt:  Likewise.

RCS file: /cvs/gcc/egcs/libstdc++-v3/README,v
retrieving revision 1.6
diff -u -3 -p -r1.6 README
--- README	2000/10/07 01:05:36	1.6
+++ README	2000/12/10 03:54:31
@@ -1,12 +1,12 @@
 file: libstdc++-v3/README
-New users may wish to point their web browsers to the file index.html
-in the 'docs' subdirectory.  It contains brief building instructions
-and notes on how to configure the library in interesting ways.
+New users may wish to point their web browsers to the file documentation.html
+in the 'docs/html' subdirectory.  It contains brief building instructions and
+notes on how to configure the library in interesting ways.
 Instructions for configuring and building this snapshot appear
-in install.html.
+in docs/html/install.html.
 This directory contains the files needed to create [a still broken
 subset of] an ISO Standard C++ Library.

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