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Re: & signal handling

Mark Kettenis <> writes:

| I believe the current way uses signals to find out
| whether division by zero and overflow are trapped is inherenty
| unportable.

Well, anything having to do with signal() is inherently nonportable :-)
So, I just picked up what I could do with standard C functions.

| ...  The behaviour of signal() is not entirely specified by
| the relevant standards, and allows for SIGFPE to be blocked during the
| execution of the signal handler, which happens for a BSD-like signal()
| implementation.  The behaviour of longjmp() isn't entirely specified
| either.  In particular, it doesn't have to restore the signal mask.

Well in standard C, longjump() is required to restore the state of the
executing environment saved by the most recent invocation of
setjump().  Doesn't that cover the signal mask?

| So it is very well possible that after the first trap, SIGFPE ends up
| being blocked.  AFAICT synchronously generating another SIGFPE while
| it is being blocked invokes undefined behaviour.
| On most systems this isn't a problem:
| * On BSD systems longjmp() restores the signal mask.
| * On System V systems SIGFPE won't be blocked during the execution of
|   the signal handler.
| * On Linux systems SIGFPE cannot be blocked.
| However on the Hurd, generating a SIGFPE while it is being blocked
| hangs the program.  And the #ifdef __CYGWIN__ suggests that cygwin
| suffers from a similar problem.  The BeOS problems might be related
| too.

That is possible -- out of curiosity, I'm interested in knowing if
that is actually what is happing on BeOS and Cygwin.

| Instead of special-casing these systems I'd like to propose to use
| sigsetjmp/siglongjmp instead of setjmp/longjmp.  I've verified that
| that works for the Hurd.  Since those functions might be absent on
| non-POSIX systems, there should probably be an autoconf check for
| those functions, and setjmp/longjmp could be used as a fall-back.

Could you send a patch so that other port-maintainers can test?


-- Gaby

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