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Re: Patch to add libstdc++ lists to lists.html

On Fri, 1 Dec 2000, Joseph S. Myers wrote:
> This patch adds the libstdc++ lists to the main GCC lists web page - as
> libstdc++ is part of GCC and the lists apparently now work at
> OK to commit?

Gosh, this is nearly exactly what I already had on my disk. :-/ Yes,
that's fine except the following:

 +<p>For more info, and features of the mailing list software, please
 +consult <a href="">the
 +documentation page for and mailing

(This duplicates some information we already have, and it "demasks" as, something which we cannot do due
to *VERY* strong concerns by RMS.)

> If this is approved, I'll produce a patch to get rid of
> libstdc++/mail.html (adjusting links and making it redirect to
> lists.html)

Go ahead and install that as well.

, and submit some PRs for issues related to the move that
> aren't simply fixable by patching web pages.  (Could we have GNATS
> categories "lists" and "ftp" for issues with the mailing lists and the ftp
> site - and I guess a category "gnats", for issues/requests such as this
> relating to the GCC GNATS system, would be useful as well?)

Please don't submit these PRs. Those that can really address such issues
just don't check our GNATS database and they end being automatically
assigned to me. =:-O

In this case, please report the problems to

Gerald "Jerry"

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