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Re: splitting up docs dir (was Re: Doxygen - another sample, preliminary comments)

On Fri, Dec 01, 2000 at 02:13:37AM +0100, Gerald Pfeifer wrote:
> > I myself would also like to remove index.html, status.html, and
> > thanks.html, but haven't discussed that with anyone yet.
> status.html does not seem to be up-to-date, or am I wrong?

You may be looking at an old one.  Gotta love duplication.

I'm thinking that the status page viewed via the web server should show the
status for the most recent snapshot.  Maybe a different one (local v3/docs
copy) that we change on a pseudo-weekly basis, showing current CVS status.

> >    3)  keep the "inner" pages in v3/docs[/html] and either
> >       a)  remove them from wwwdocs, or
> >       b)  occasionally push them to wwwdocs and live with the
> >           inconsistency, or
> >       c)  make the v3/docs pages available over *some* webserver, and
> >           link to them from the "main" pages; this would mean going
> >           partially back to the auto-checkout scheme we had previously
> >   4)  when users ask the hard questions, we would refer them to the
> >       "inner" pages on their local disk, since those are the ones we are
> >       constantly updating (assuming they're using cvs)
> As a rule of thumb it's nearly always better to refer them to web
> versions, because that's for *sure* the most up-to-date we have. ;-)

Well, if the "inner" technical documentation pages are only available via
CVS, and not the web because we're constantly tweaking, then they would
have to look locally.  (After updating their cvs copies.)


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