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MACHINED PARTSjava-patches at gcc dot gnu dot org - XIE JIN2018年06月05日

Hi, Dear java-patches
Our company is a enterprise specially in manufacturing of processing precision component for 13 years;T
General requirements:

Ensure that parts meet the purchase order and drawing/specification Requirements. 
Ensure that delivery meet all PO Quality clauses. 
Pack and package parts properly to prevent damage during transportation. 
Ensure that parts meet good manufacturing practice for workmanship. 
Each delivery must contain a packing slip and Certificate of Compliance. 
Information on the supplier label and packing slip should includes AAT Purchase order number, AAT part number, quantity, and date. 
Supplier is not permitted to ship any discrepant material unless deviation/waiver is obtained. Approved deviation should accompany the discrepant parts to AeroAntenna. 
Additional requirements: 

Provide Material Certificates. 
Flatness per spec. 
No damage thread. 
First Article Inspection report if required by fPO QualityMCd ClausesHer ladyship happily had ample funds at her disposal

Best Regards 

Yong.Xie  Operation Manager 
----------------------------------------------------  YaYuan Industry Park Dongguan City | Guangdong Province China.523083Tel: 769-86082110 Ext806 | Fax: 769-89032067 | Mob: 18819107006‘I loved |

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