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Re: Help with bug in GCC garbage collector

On Mon, 2019-08-19 at 17:05 -0600, Jeff Law wrote:
> There's a real good chance Martin Liska has already fixed this.  He's
> made a couple fixes in the last week or so with the interactions
> between
> the GC system and the symbol tables.
> 2019-08-15  Martin Liska  <>
>         PR ipa/91404
>         * passes.c (order): Remove.
>         (uid_hash_t): Likewise).
>         (remove_cgraph_node_from_order): Remove from set
>         of pointers (cgraph_node *).
>         (insert_cgraph_node_to_order): New.
>         (duplicate_cgraph_node_to_order): New.
>         (do_per_function_toporder): Register all 3 cgraph hooks.
>         Skip removed_nodes now as we know about all of them.
> The way I'd approach would be to configure a compiler with
> --enable-checking=gc,gcac, just build it through stage1.  Then run your
> test through that compiler which should fail.  THen apply Martin's patch
> (or update to the head of the trunk), rebuild the stage1 compiler and
> verify it works.

I had already built a compiler with --enable-checking=gc,gcac, that did
not catch the bug (I still got a segfault).  I did update my sources
though and the bug does not happen at ToT so it looks like Martin's
patch did fix my bug.

Steve Ellcey

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