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"svn up" over ssh does not work

-static-pie and -static -pie

[question] replacing called function by gimple_call_set_fndecl doesn't actually take effect

Alignas broken when used with constexpr array data member for structure

Re: bugs in external debug info support in libbacktrace

Bugzilla admin?

Bugzilla timing out

Build Ada compiler for nios2?

Can GCC generate totally native Microsoft Windows binaries as Visual Studio?

Completion of the fortran rank 15 on the library side held up

Copyright assignment form

Cortex-r52 FP double precision

Development mission

Different dynamical array debug info 7.2 vs. 8.0

extern const initialized warns in C

Forms to contribute to GCC

GCC 5.5.0 successfully built for x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu

GCC 7 branch now frozen for the release of GCC 7.3

GCC 7.3 Release Candidate available from gcc.gnu.org

GCC 7.3 Released

GCC 7.4 Status report (2018-01-25)

GCC 8.0.0 Status Report (2018-01-08), Stage 3 ends Jan 14th

GCC 8.0.0 Status Report (2018-01-15), Trunk in Regression and Documentation fixes only mode

GCC and Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities

gcc diagnostic bug ?

gcc generated memcpy calls symbol version

gcc-6-20180103 is now available

gcc-6-20180110 is now available

gcc-6-20180117 is now available

gcc-6-20180124 is now available

gcc-6-20180131 is now available

gcc-7-20180104 is now available

gcc-7-20180111 is now available

gcc-7-20180125 is now available

gcc-8-20180107 is now available

gcc-8-20180114 is now available

gcc-8-20180121 is now available

gcc-8-20180128 is now available

Google Summer of Code 2018: Call for mentors and ideas


I extracted Ast from gcc .tu file and will it be useful?

Implementing p0515 - spaceship operator

jamais-vu can now ignore renumbering of source lines in dg output (Re: GCC Buildbot Update)

Local class name conflict

LVM 2.02.168 2016-11-30 libary 1.02.137 Driver Versuon 4.35.0 :/#

Lvn vrtsion

Mac now fails to build because of libiconv

my subject


New GCC mirror

A New Year In Open Source

nonsense warning from texinfo while processing intrinsic.texi

Re: Please support Coroutines TS in C++

Re: Possbile patch for compilation errors re possibly uninitialized variables at -Og

Retpolines and CFI

Second GCC 7.2 Release Candidate available from gcc.gnu.org

Status of m32c target?

Unstable build/host qsorts causing differing generated target code

Unused GCC builtins

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