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Re: Bug maintenance

On 04/28/2016 01:35 AM, David Wohlferd wrote:
As part of the work I've done on inline asm, I've been looking thru the
bugs for it.  There appear to be a number that have been fixed or
overtaken by events over the years, but the bug is still open.

Is closing some of these old bugs of any value?

If so, how do I pursue this?

There are nearly 10,000 still unresolved bugs in Bugzilla, almost
half of which are New, and a third Unconfirmed, so I'm sure any
effort to help reduce the number is of value and appreciated.

I can share with you my own approach to dealing with them (others
might have better suggestions).  In cases where the commit that
fixed a bug is known, I mention it in the comment closing the bug.
I also try to indicate the version in which the bug was fixed (if
I can determine it using the limited number of versions I have
built).  Otherwise, when a test doesn't already exist (finding
out whether or not one does can be tedious), I add one before
closing the bug will help avoid a regression.


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