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Re: Ambiguous usernames (was: Re: 33 unknowns left)

Joseph Myers <>:
> On Thu, 27 Aug 2015, Eric S. Raymond wrote:
> > > In the gcc2 repository, dje was Doug Evans (this includes commits on 
> > > premerge-fsf-branch, not just the early part of trunk).  In the repository 
> > > that started as the EGCS repository, dje is David Edelsohn.
> > 
> > OK, this is going to get pretty ugly then.  I do not know nearly enough
> > about the history of the repo to find these pairs myself.
> > 
> > I'm going to need two things:
> > 
> > 1. A precise description of what SVN branches and date spans need to be
> >    considered as separate namespaces for this purpose.  When I say
> >    "precise" I mean that I will need to be able to express them as
> >    reposurgeon selection sets.  It is OK for the description to use
> >    branch names and either Subversion revnos or dates.
> I believe the following come from the gcc2 repository and should use that 
> namespace: everything in the history of /branches/premerge-fsf-branch.  
> That is: all revisions of /branches/premerge-fsf-branch itself, plus 
> revisions 1 to 14639 of trunk.
> Everything else uses the namespace.

OK, that's a good start.  What I'm going to do in the lift file is
write expressions that identify selection sets, then use the names to
do partial 'authors read' applications.  So:

(<1>..<14639> & /master/b) | /premerge-fsf-branch/b assign gcc2 

(It's 'master' instead of 'trunk' because SVN trunk becomes master in gitspace.)

Then I can write three map files: one to be applied everywhere, one to be
applied in gcc only, and one to be applied everywhere except gcc2.  I expect the
latter two will be small.

> > 2. A list of exceptions. Each exception should be an ambiguous username
> >    (such as dle) followed by a descroption of the human name it corresponds
> >    to in different namespaces.
> I believe the following is a complete set of usernames that appear in both 
> sets.  Most of these are probably not ambiguous, but it will be necessary 
> to check each carefully.  All other usernames appear in only one set of 
> names and so are unambiguous (assuming that no username was reused for 
> different people on the same system, which seems a reasonable assumption 
> unless anyone knows of relevant exceptions).
> (no author)
> amylaar
> bje
> bkoz
> bothner
> brendan
> dje
> drepper
> eggert
> gavin
> ian
> jimb
> kenner
> krab
> law
> meissner
> meyering
> mrs
> raeburn
> roland
> shebs
> wilson

Looking at these I wouldn't be surprised if dje turned out to be the
only exception.

I'm pretty sure I know who bothner, brendan, drepper, eggert, ian,
jimb, meissner, and roland are; they've all had stable handles longer
than GCC has existed.  (Raise a glass to Brendan Kehoe; he was a fine
hacker and a good man and it's a damn shame we lost him.)

Scrutiny should therefore fall particularly on amylaar, bje, bkoz,
dje, gavin, kenner, krab, law, meyering, mrs, raeburn, shebs, and

Would someone grovel through Changelogs and suss this out?  I'm
going to have my hands full for a bit merging the three different
maps I now have.
		<a href="";>Eric S. Raymond</a>

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