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Re: 33 unknowns left

On 08/26/2015 02:35 PM, Eric S. Raymond wrote:
Joseph Myers <>:
On Wed, 26 Aug 2015, Eric S. Raymond wrote:

After comparing with the Subversion hists, passswd file, the are 30
unknowns left.  Can anyone identify any of these?

aluchko = aluchko <aluchko>

Aaron Luchko <>

Aha.  I thought that was him.  I found his SourceForge account.

bo = bo <bo>

Bo Thorsen <>

Oh, thank you.  I had *no* idea how I was going to pin down that one.  It's
a unpromising string for web searches.

ira = ira <ira>

Ira Ruben <>

irar = irar <irar>

Ira Rosen <>

I pretty much knew these two guys went with these two names, but couldn't
figure out which was which.  Thanks.

[others omitted]

All of the above are emails from the time of some commits, not necessarily

That's OK.  Addresses will go stale. The important thing is to
preserve as good odds as possible that fuure data mining will be able
to recognize when different name/address pairs with the same
name-among-humans refer to the same person.

The remaining list is pretty short:

bson = bson <bson>
fx = fx <fx>
fx is active... Francois-Xavier Coudert Not sure how I missed that the first time around.

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