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Re: 33 unknowns left

Joseph Myers <>:
> On Wed, 26 Aug 2015, Eric S. Raymond wrote:
> > I'm a little worried about a couple of commits getting misattributed
> > because usernames got retired and reused.  I now have
> > 
> > ralph = Ralph Loader <>
> > 
> > but my Google searches suggest that 'ralph' may previously have been
> > used by a Ralph Doncaster.  Similarly, I now have
> r72576, when he added himself to MAINTAINERS, says Ralph Loader 
> <>.  The gcc-cvs mailboxes I'm grepping (starting when I 
> first subscribed to gcc-cvs by email in August 2000) show only a few 
> commits from him in the period October to December 2003, do you see 
> commits in older parts of the history?

Sorry, I can't easily check yet. I need to upgrade my hardware first. :-)

> > kho = Kim Ho <>
> All the commits I see (again, in those gcc-cvs mailboxes) from that 
> username are from 2004, Kim Ho <>.

Yeah, I guess that settles it.

> Although a few accounts may have been deleted on sourceware, and 
> conceivably account names could have been reused after such deletion, it's 
> the parts of the history that come from the gcc2 repository (trunk until 
> the start of EGCS, premerge-fsf-branch after that) where there's a greater 
> risk of conflicts (as in, the two systems had completely separate passwd 
> files).

		<a href="";>Eric S. Raymond</a>

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