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Re: [PATCH][www] svnwrite.html: recommend giving checkin messages a title (was Re: Moving to git)

On Sat, Aug 22, 2015 at 10:59:31AM -0400, David Malcolm wrote:
> > > +<p>The log message for a checkin should be a single line giving a
> > > +descriptive title for the checkin, followed by a blank line, followed by
> > > +the complete ChangeLog entry for the change.  This is the git convention;
> > > +giving titles to checkins makes life easier for developers using git
> > > +mirrors of SVN.  Typically the descriptive title should be the "Subject"
> > > +line of the relevant gcc-patches thread (without any "[PATCH]" or "[PING]"
> > > +prefixes).</p>
> > 
> > It advises to *not* have an explanatory text, and it says that *not*
> > having it is the Git convention (which of course is not true).
> I'm having trouble parsing this.  What did you mean by "it" in the three
> places you used it here?   By "explanatory text", were you referring to
> the descriptive title, or to the text after the blank line?

Heh, sorry.  First two "it"s refer to your patch / the new text; last
"it" refers to "explanatory text" earlier in the sentence.

Your suggested text says that commit messages should be a title, and a
blank line, immediately followed by a changelog.  It (that is, your
suggested text) says you shouldn't put anything useful in the commit
message, like what the commit is all about.


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