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Re: Testing Leak Sanitizer?

On 27 November 2014 at 21:48, Christophe Lyon
<> wrote:
> On 30 September 2014 at 19:08, Konstantin Serebryany
> <> wrote:
>> Correct, you can run tests from llvm tree with any compiler.
> I've read that document, and as a first step I wanted to build LLVM +
> run the tests in the "best case" (before any modifications I could
> make, and to have a reference to compare with GCC).
> I have a few questions.
> To have clang as the "toolchain I want to test", I added the clang
> sources under llvm_tmp_src/tools,  and compiler-rt sources under
> projects.
> I managed to run the tests, but I couldn't find the detailed logs.
> I added -DLLVM_LIT_ARGS=-v when calling cmake, which gave me a list like:
> XFAIL: AddressSanitizer64 :: TestCases/ (245 of  249)
> PASS: AddressSanitizer64 :: TestCases/ (246 of 249)
> 1- I suppose there are more details, like gcc.log. Where are they?
> 2- this is running x86_64 native tests, how can I cross-test with
> aarch64 (using qemu for instance)?

Hi Cristophe,

I'm adding Greg, since he made it work a while ago. I remember he
added a few options to CMake and LIT to run the tests on an emulator
(basically QEMU), but I'm not sure all the cases were covered and
everything was working.

Meanwhile, can you build that natively on AArch64? I remember I've ran
all compiler-rt tests on AArch64, including the sanitizers, last
March. The results were encouraging... :)


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