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Merge of jit branch to svn trunk as r217374

I've merged the dmalcolm/jit git branch into svn trunk, as r217374. [1]
The git branch is now retired; future bugfixing will happen on svn

I've created a "jit" component within the, within
the "gcc" product, with as the default assignee.

Please let me know if anything is broken, or if I broke any non-jit

Preliminary documentation can be seen at:

In theory, that documentation ought to appear below
at some point, though I don't know the precise mechanism for making this
happen.  Note that the HTML docs can be built with Sphinx if available,
falling back to using texinfo if not.  The former gives superior output,
so if possible can Sphinx be installed on the relevant machine? [2]

Thanks everyone for their help with the jit effort.

[1] Specifically, I merged trunk r216746->r217317 into the jit branch as
497923878ef34b71d2dd995a76f41986f7d73ea, and ensured that the generated
libgccjit.texi is up-to-date.

I then generated the diff of the git branch against trunk as a patch,
and verified it on top of trunk, with a successful bootstrap and
regrtest on top of r217304 on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu, with 16
common .sum files having identical results relative to a control
bootstrap of r217304, with a new jit.sum with: # of expected passes 4711
(both with --enable-host-shared)

I then doublechecked the build on top of an svn checkout of
trunk, both with and without the jit enabled, and committed it (to svn
trunk) as r217374.

[2] Specifically, gcc subdir's "configure" looks for a "sphinx-build"
executable via AC_CHECK_PROG.  I believe sphinx 1.0 or later is needed.

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