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Re: GCC Bugzilla disables caching of linked content

On 11 November 2014 19:45, FrÃdÃric Buclin wrote:
> Le 11. 11. 14 20:11, Jonathan Wakely a Ãcrit :
>> At some point GCC's bugzilla started taking ages to load, because
>> every single .css and .js file gets a query appended to the URL:
>> skins/contrib/Dusk/global.css?1368269827
>> This causes Firefox to constantly re-fetch those pages again and
>> again, so it takes several seconds to load every. single. page.
>> Do you know why this is?
> 1368269827 is the timestamp when these files were last modified. It's
> appended to the URL so that your web browser doesn't refetch them if it
> already has them in cache with this timestamp. So if your web browser
> refetches them all the time, then you have something wrong with your
> browser. In my case, pages load very quickly because none of the CSS or
> JS files are reloaded. You cannot disable this feature.

I'm just using Firefox from Fedora 20's repository, and I'm not the
only person seeing these pages being reloaded constantly.

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