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GCC needs YOU!

Dear GCC users,

As you may have noticed, GCC diagnostics have steadily improved in
recent releases. In addition to the myriad of bugs fixed per release,
every release had at least one major improvement in diagnostics.

Unfortunately, the number of people contributing to this effort is
very limited and we are more and more busy with other obligations. We
need new blood and we need help. It has never been easier to
contribute to GCC than nowadays. There are many ways you can help and
there are tasks for every level of skill and time commitment.

Some examples are:

* There are 610 open bugs with the diagnostic keyword

Many are easy to implement and there is a description of the strategy
available (,,,, https://gcc.gnu.orgPR17896 and many more
like those)

Many of them require further analysis. That means run GCC under GDB
and figure out what went wrong. Just doing that would be extremely

Other bigger projects are not technically difficult, just longer than
a few hours:

* Replace libiberty with gnulib. See

* Add a "spell-checker" (

* Investigate the open bugs in the macro unwinder

*  C++ preprocessor ignores #pragma GCC diagnostic

If you are into Fortran, it would be extremely helpful to contribute
to fix this one:

* which is not only easy and incremental
but consists mostly in deleting code and testing.

Of course, if you are brave and a real hacker, you can always tackle
some of the heavy stuff that no GCC hacker has figured out how to fix

* (and basically
anything mentioned here:


* And any of the points here:

We need your help to make GCC better and keep it relevant!



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