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Injecting a function into code generation


I'm currently trying to implement the C++09 exception propagation proposal (N2179). See the thread at
in the libstdc++ list for details.

As I say in my first follow-up, I need a copy constructor for any type with a consistent signature. In other words, I need a function like this:

template <typename T>
void copy_constructor(T *dest, const T *src)
 new (dest) T(*src);

Then I can generate the equivalent of

void (*copy)(void*, const void*) = reinterpret_cast<void (*)(void*, const void*)>(

to get a function that can copy-construct an arbitrary type (given that I know the type, which I do).

The problem is that, since this stuff is done in the tree building in except.c, I can't rely on any header having been included and defining such a function.

How can I generate this function in code? I need one instantiation per type that is thrown, and it would be nice to avoid defining the function anew for every throw expression. I tried finding an existing case of this in the source, but I can't think of any place where such a thing would be done, except perhaps generation of an implicit special member. But I can't find those.


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