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RFH: Building and testing gimple-tuples-branch

The tuples branch is at the point now that it should bootstrap all primary languages and targets. There are things that are still broken and being worked on (, but by and large things should Just Work.

I expect things like code generation to be sub-par because some optimizations are still not converted (notably, loop passes, PRE, and TER).

So, for folks with free cycles to spare, could you build the branch on your favourite target and report bugs? Bugzilla and/or email reports are OK. If you are creating a bugzilla report, please add my address to the CC field.

Other than obvious brokenness, we are interested in compile time slow downs and increased memory utilization. Both of which are possible because we have spent no effort tuning the data structures yet.

To build the branch:

$ svn co svn://
$ mkdir bld && cd bld
$ ../gimple-tuples-branch/configure --disable-libgomp --disable-libmudflap
$ make && make -k check

Thanks. Diego.

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