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--enable-intermodule bootstrap


-xtaso_short option on DEC Alpha Linux ?

./libgcc_s.so.1 => not found, mainline broken?!?

Re: 3.3.2 collect2 on AIX with .so libraries

The 3.4.X line future (for the next half a year)?

64-bit configure hell

Re: [BENCHMARK]-mfpmath=sse should disable x387 intrinsics

Fw: [Bug middle-end/18641] [4.0 Regression] Another ICE caused by reload ofa psuedo reg into f0 for a DImode expr

[C++] Attributes and explicit template instantiations

[C++] Extensions deprecated in 3.4

[cft] subreg validation patch

[cft] subreg validation round 2

Re: [ECOS] gcc's error?

[libmudflap] Why was the toplevel libtool.m4 copied into acinclude.m4?

[OT] RE: PATCH: PR other/17783: Top level configure doesn't support shared libraries enabled by default

Re: [OT] RE: PATCH: PR other/17783: Top level configure doesn't supportshared libraries enabled by default

RE: [Patch ping] was: Option to compile for both AMD64 and EM64T?

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR target/18263 ARC backend.

Re: [PATCH] trunk broken for `make check'

[PR 18143] thunk range

Re: [RFA:] unconstify md_short_jump_size, md_long_jump_size (was: Re: Gas: making md_long_jump_size mutable)

[RFC] A new data structure for SWITCH_EXPR

[RFC] an update on O(1) PHI argument look up

[RFC] Auto-assign regressions (maintainers, read!)

[RFC] ignoring type alias conflicts between structures and scalars

Re: [RFC] ignoring type alias conflicts between structures andscalars

[RFC] Mixed results with O(1) PHI arg lookup

[RFC] Using more than one access method to memory locations

[Warning] When passing const reference and default value

about parse tree

about the third column

ACATS PR status

Accuracy of clock

Ada HEAD bootstrap ICE during gnatlib-shared on x86 and x86_64

Adding call_line/call_file DWARF information

Another case of DCE deleting live code

Re: Attacking quadratic behaviors associated with SWITCH_EXPR

autoconf help needed

Re: AW: gcc 3.3 / i386 / -O2 question

Bad compile time complexity for large files ??? (fwd)

Benchmarking again... looking for suggestions

Binaries of gcc-3.4.3 for alphaev68-dec-osf5.1 (CompaqTru64UNIX)

Bind expression

Bootstrap broken on x86-64

a bootstrap failure on i686-pc-linux-gnu

Bug in tree-sra.c:sra_walk_modify_expr

Build Breaker while trying to build gcc-3.2.2 using gcc-3.4.3

Build problem this morning

Build success for gcc 3.4.3 on alphaev68-dec-osf5.1 (CompaqTru64UNIX)

Building GCC On Tru64 5.1B

Re: C++ and Ada.

C++ front end slow on MicoORB's current.cc

call graph - question ?


Callgraph of GCC 4.0.0

Calling function with va_list

Fwd: cc-mode adds newlines

CCP and Ada testsuite failure c330001

cgraph_remove_node slow(?)

Checksum error on tar?

ColdFire V4e port submission

Compilation performance comparison of GCC 3.4.2 and GCC 4.0.0 (041126)on MICO sources

Re: Compilation performance of GCC 3.4.2 and GCC 4.0.0 (041021) on tramp3d-v3

compiler memory use optimization

Configuration issues on Itanium VMS

configure, CFLAGS, and libjava

Configuring gcc for pure 64bit x86_64

Contradictory infos about 3.3 branch on web sites

cross build failure at fixincludes

Cross build failure on sh4-unknown-linux-gnu

cross compiler build error fro arm

Darwin assert.h / shared libgcc mess


dg-skip-if usage problem

disable ivopts by default for 4.0?

Documentation bug for __builtin_choose_expr

Documentation on {} and | in inline asm to allow Intel syntax?

Does openmp support nested loop?

Don't die with duplicate entries in a jarfile

Draft release notes 3.4.3

Draft release notes for GCC 3.4.3

Error -j2 building gcc cvs trunk with Ada

Error in verify_ssa with loop-iv

Example where tree PTA takes 36% of user time

feature request


Fortran configury switch: f95 versus fortran

FTP server down?

FYI: 2004 GCC Summit Proceedings

g++ rejects legal?

GC 3.4.2 ICE while building compiler

Re: GCC 's quoting typographic conventions

gcc 3.3 / i386 / -O2 question

gcc 3.3.5 arm-elf .. which multilib for soft-float?

GCC 3.4 branch thawed

gcc 3.4.1 and CPU optimization

GCC 3.4.3 Freeze

GCC 3.4.3 Released

Gcc is broken on ia64

Gcc mirros check

gcc newsletter

gcc newsletter #14

Re: GCC Status Report (2004-10-26)

gcc's error?

gcc-3.3-20041103 is now available

gcc-3.3-20041110 is now available

gcc-3.3-20041117 is now available

gcc-3.3-20041124 is now available

gcc-3.4-20041105 is now available

gcc-3.4-20041112 is now available

gcc-3.4-20041119 is now available

gcc-3.4-20041126 is now available

gcc-4.0-20041107 is now available

gcc-4.0-20041114 is now available

gcc-4.0-20041121 is now available

gcc-4.0-20041128 is now available

gcc-4.0-virtual function return type


gcc.gnu.org and IBrowse ("spambot detected" problem)

Gcc3.4.2 C preprocessor problem

generalized lvalues

generalized lvalues -- patch outline

generating compare and branch instructions

Re: Getting glibfortran to build on newlib targets aka. missing stdint.h (PR 14325)

Re: Getting glibfortran to build on newlib targets aka. missing stdint.h (PR 14325)

Getting glibfortran to build on newlib targets aka. missing stdint.h(PR 14325)

Re: Getting glibfortran to build on newlib targets aka. missingstdint.h (PR 14325)

GLIBC 2.3.3 build failure on i686-pc-linux-gnu

Global object initialisation doesn't work ??

GNU DWARF augmentation authority

GOMP Requirements 2.0

GOMP Requirements v1.1


How can i get a ref from a this pointer ?

how to build a non-lwl gcc

how to change the stack in the shell?

How to start reading gcc source code.

How to test for duplicate error messages

Howto dump syntax tree of erroneous program?

I am soon to be ...

I can't 'make' gcc-3.4.2 on Solaris 9 Sparc


Inefficient uses of JUMP_P

inline-unit-growth=50 a bad idea

Inlining, nested functions, and VLAs

insertion of profiling code

INT_MIN % -1

Is it time to start using 4.0?

Is ObjC++ still in time for 4.0?

issues with doubles and -fno-schedule-insns2


Janis Johnson appointed GCC testsuite maintainer

large array, ia64, "segmentation fault"

Latest 3.3 version

latest versions of gcc and binutils

Libffi header problem

Linking a library

The Linux binutils is released

A lot of gfortran failures on sparc-linux and sparc64-linux...

Lots of warning when building Java library

MacOS X gcc-4 successes

Mainline in regression-fix mode after Thanksgiving

Mainline in regression-fix only mode

Mainline is broken

Mainline is broken on ia64

make html for fortran build request

Managing different versions of GCC installed

Matrix layout transpose based on profile information


Migrate to i?86-pc-windows triplet from i?86-pc-mingw32?

miscompilation of complex switch statement

Mixing 32-bit and 64-bit DWARF2/3 sections

more on 17107

More on compile performance of Linux kernels in mainline gcc

new contribution: GSA converter

New contributor on [detect mirrors]

New development branch: ia64-fp-model-branch

Re: New Port Suggestion

New warning options for 4.0?

Non-representable subregs of subword pseudoregs

nurbs cannot be compiled with gcc 3.4

objc data structure design

OpenMP and its testing

OpenMP licensing problem: a solution

Overhead of SSA operands

Passing temprary by reference requires copy constructor in 3.4?

PATCH for Re: Mainline in regression-fix only mode

Re: patch ping: cleanup of gcc.dg/vect tests

PATCH: PR 528: .set is broken for weak symbols

PATCH: PR other/17783: Top level configure doesn't support shared libraries enabled by default

Re: PATCH: PR other/17783: Top level configure doesn't support sharedlibraries enabled by default

PATCH: target/18380: [3.4 regression]: _Unwind_FindTableEntry shouldn't be exported from libunwind.so.7

Re: PATCH: target/18380: [3.4 regression]: _Unwind_FindTableEntryshouldn't be exported from libunwind.so.7

Paul Brook appointed ARM co-maintainer

pch on sparc64

Re: PING: Question: Need to store ObjC-specific info in type nodes.

Please review 3.4 patches

Porting question: define_expand Vs define_split

Possible gcc 3.4/4.0 bug wrt template dependant lookup

Possible problem with scheduler

PR 18294: help with rtl-optimization bug on IA64

Re: PR target/16482: first scheduling pass on SH4

PR target/17101: question about powerpc s<cond> expanders

Prerelease is not a treat on ia64 (at least older ia64 systems)

Problem building 3.4.3

a problem when building gcc3.3.1

Problem with libunwind.so.7

Problems after upgrading from 3.4.2 to 3.4.3

problems with the ipa pass manager.

profile-driven optimization and the linker?

prototype does not match any in class - maybe it should

Python frontend?

question about ashlqi3 pattern

a question about const and pure functions.

Question about insn lengths

Question about simplify_cond_and_lookup_avail_expr

A question for the parse tree

Question re tree-ssa-ccp.c:substitute_and_fold

Ralf Corsepius Appointed RTEMS GCC Co-Maintainer

Re: Reducing JUMPs and using conditional exec

Reducing JUMPs and using conditional exec based on if_then_else

reg. cross compiling

Register window support in DWARF-2

Remove ftp://gcc.gnu.org/pub/gcc/releases/index.html ?

Re: Request for Steering Committee: official release criteria for4.x

RFC: generate TLS address arithmetic for back-end

RFC: PR14880 vec_duplicate or vec_select?

RFC: split_complex_args enhancement

Re: RFC: subreg fixing (extract_bit_field or simplify_subreg)

RHEL3, openmp, got system error(22):

RTL generation

Running the compat testsuite in "non-mirror" mode

Should -Os imply -shared-libgcc?

simplify_cond_and_lookup_avail_expr question

Slow profile updating (pr 15524)

SMS parameters

SSA and implicit uses.

SSE scalars, intrinsics and transition to "float"...

Status of 3.3.5 release and 3.3 branch

Status of the GNAT Ada compiler

stdcall lib functions with exception throwing callbacks vs Dwarf2 EH

Re: stdcall lib functions with exception throwing callbacks vs Dwarf2EH

Structure with bit-field offset is wrong.

SUBREG and reload.c

Succesful build GCC 3.4.3

successful bootstrap/install of gcc-4.0-20041107 on OpenDarwin 7.2.1/x86 (i686-apple-darwin7.2.1)

successful build of GCC 3.4.3 on Mac OS 10.3.6 (bootstrap)

Successful build of gcc-3.4.3 on i686-pc-mingw32

Suggestion for alias.c in 4.1

Symbol tables in GCC

Re: Test

Test failure in libgcj on mainline


To gcc steering committee

TOT bootstrap failure

tree-ssa: a weird (mis)optimization

Trick or treat?

trunk broken for `make check'

Uberbaum fails to build for --target=m68k-elf

uberbaum tree fails for --target=m68k-elf

Re: UPDATE: grep problem

Useless assembly

Using `const int' values to size stack arrays

Virus gefunden in Nachricht "FwD: Delivery_failure_notice <Esmtp:5404>"

Warn implicit enum conversions

warning: right shift count >= width of type

What are these test result differences?

Where is the mainline snapshot of last week?

Which combination of platform/debugger to debug 4.0?

Your job application to Altiris Australia

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