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Re: [PATCH 2/3] Add simplify rules for wrapped binary operations.

On Tue, Aug 20, 2019 at 10:37 AM Robin Dapp <> wrote:
> > So - which case is it?  IIRC we want to handle small signed
> > constants but the code can end up unsigned.  For the
> > above we could write (unsigned long)((int)a + 1 - 1) and thus
> > sign-extend?  Or even avoid this if we know the range.
> > That is, it becomes the first case again (operation performed
> > in a smaller type).
> Both :) But in order to move forward the second transform suffices to
> get rid of the redundant subtraction/addition of the ivopts candidate.
> Attached is a new version as single file that disregards the other
> possible cases (3/3 from before), only performs this transform and
> checks for gimple_simplified in vrp2 after ivopts now.

          gimple_set_modified (stmt, true);

+      /* Also fold if we want to fold all statements.  */
+      if (!did_replace && substitute_and_fold_engine->fold_all_stmts
+         && fold_stmt (&i, follow_single_use_edges))
+       {
+         did_replace = true;
+         stmt = gsi_stmt (i);
+         gimple_set_modified (stmt, true);

make it

       } else if (substitute_and_fold_engine->fold_all_stmts
                    && fold_stmt (&...

also please make initialization of fold_all_stmts via
a new constructor argument defaulted to false and
elide the set_fold_all_stmts method.

Are the various testcase adjustments still needed
(-fno-tree-ccp, etc.)?  I guess not.

+         && int_fits_type_p (@1, TREE_TYPE (@0)))

while this properly guards against bogus truncation
of @1 I think it says false to -1ul fitting int.  So
we wouldn't handle (unsigned long)intvar + -1ul.
But it's conservatively correct for now.  Eventually
changing it to wi::min_precision (wi::to_wide (@1),
might work for that special case.

> Bootstrapped, no regressions on s390 and x86.

OK with the first suggested change and the testcase changes
audited.  We can do the rest as followup.


> Regards
>  Robin

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