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Re: Protect some checks of DECL_FUNCTION_CODE

On 8/13/19 3:34 AM, Richard Sandiford wrote:
> This patch protects various uses of DECL_FUNCTION_CODE that didn't
> obviously check for BUILT_IN_NORMAL first (either directly or in callers).
> They could therefore trigger for functions that either aren't built-ins
> or are a different kind of built-in.
> Also, the patch removes a redundant GIMPLE_CALL check from
> optimize_stdarg_builtin, since it gave the impression that the stmt
> was less well checked than it actually is.
> Tested on aarch64-linux-gnu and x86_64-linux-gnu (--enable-languages=all
> --enable-host-shared).  OK to install?
> Richard
> 2019-08-13  Richard Sandiford  <>
> gcc/
> 	PR middle-end/91421
> 	* attribs.c (decl_attributes): Check the DECL_BUILT_IN_CLASS
> 	before the DECL_FUNCTION_CODE.
> 	* calls.c (maybe_warn_alloc_args_overflow): Use fndecl_built_in_p
> 	to check for a BUILT_IN_ALLOCA call.
> 	* ipa-cp.c (ipa_get_indirect_edge_target_1): Likewise for
> 	* ipa-devirt.c (possible_polymorphic_call_target_p): Likewise.
> 	* ipa-prop.c (try_make_edge_direct_virtual_call): Likewise.
> 	* gimple-ssa-isolate-paths.c (is_addr_local): Check specifically
> 	for BUILT_IN_NORMAL functions.
> 	* trans-mem.c (expand_block_edges): Use gimple_call_builtin_p to
> 	test for BUILT_IN_TM_ABORT.
> 	* tree-ssa-ccp.c (optimize_stack_restore): Use fndecl_built_in_p
> 	to check for a BUILT_IN_STACK_RESTORE call.
> 	(optimize_stdarg_builtin): Remove redundant check for GIMPLE_CALL.
> 	* tree-ssa-threadedge.c
> 	(record_temporary_equivalences_from_stmts_at_dest): Check for a
> 	BUILT_IN_NORMAL decl before checking its DECL_FUNCTION_CODE.
> 	* tree-vect-patterns.c (vect_recog_pow_pattern): Use a positive
> 	test for a BUILT_IN_NORMAL call instead of a negative test for
> 	an internal function call.
> gcc/c/
> 	PR middle-end/91421
> 	* c-decl.c (header_for_builtin_fn): Take a FUNCTION_DECL instead
> 	of a built_in_function.
> 	(diagnose_mismatched_decls, implicitly_declare): Update accordingly.

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