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Re: [PATCH] fold more string comparison with known result (PR 90879)


On Fri, 9 Aug 2019, Martin Sebor wrote:

> The solution introduced in C99 is a flexible array.  C++
> compilers usually support it as well.  Those that don't are
> likely to support the zero-length array (even Visual C++ does).
> If there's a chance that some don't support either do you really
> think it's safe to assume they will do something sane with
> the [1] hack?

As the [1] "hack" is the traditional pre-C99 (and C++) idiom to 
implement flexible trailing char arrays, yes, I do expect all existing 
(and not any more existing) compilers to do the obvious and sane thing 
with it.  IOW: it's more portable in practice than our documented 
zero-length extension.  And that's what matters for the things compiled by 
the host compiler.

Without requiring C99 (which would be a different discussion) and a 
non-existing C++ standard we can't write this code (in this form) in a 
standard conforming way, no matter what we wish for.  Hence it seems 
prudent to use the most portable variant of all the non-standard ways, the 
trailing [1] array.


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