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Re: [arm][RFC] PR target/88469 fix incorrect argument passing with 64-bit bitfields


> Unfortunately another PCS bug has come to light with the layout of
> structs whose alignment is dominated by a 64-bit bitfield element.  Such
> fields in the type list appear to have alignment 1, but in reality, for
> the purposes of alignment of the underlying structure, the alignment is
> derived from the underlying bitfield's type.  We've been getting this
> wrong since support for over-aligned record types was added several
> releases back.  Worse still, the existing code may generate unaligned
> memory accesses that may fault on some versions of the architecture.
> I'd appreciate a comment from someone with a bit more knowledge of
> record layout - the code in stor-layout.c looks hideously complex when
> it comes to bit-field layout; but it's quite possible that all of that
> is irrelevant on Arm.

I am not really an expert here, Joseph might know the right answers.

I think there are two different alignment values, one is the minimum
alignment for a type within another structure, that can be computed

min_align_of_type (type)

and there is a possibly greater value that tells how a type is aligned
when used alone:


I thought both are always identical on arm, but maybe they are not.
They are for instance different for double on x86_64 in structures that
type is 4-byte aligned, and used alone, it is 8-byte aligned.

I wonder why you have to iterate over all the type members.

for instance this also gets the right alignment of the bit field type:

--- arm/arm.c	(Revision 267164)
+++ arm/arm.c	(Arbeitskopie)
@@ -6622,6 +6622,8 @@
  	  ret = -1;
+  if (min_align_of_type (const_cast<tree>(type)) > PARM_BOUNDARY / BITS_PER_UNIT)
+    return 1;
    return ret;

But I might have missed the point why this needs to be dome this way.


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