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Re: [PATCH 1/6, OpenACC, libgomp] Async re-work, interfaces

On 2018/12/15 1:52 AM, Thomas Schwinge wrote:
--- a/include/gomp-constants.h
+++ b/include/gomp-constants.h

@@ -199,7 +200,7 @@ enum gomp_map_kind
  /* Versions of libgomp and device-specific plugins.  GOMP_VERSION
     should be incremented whenever an ABI-incompatible change is introduced
     to the plugin interface defined in libgomp/libgomp.h.  */
-#define GOMP_VERSION	1
+#define GOMP_VERSION	2
  #define GOMP_VERSION_HSA 0

OK, I think -- but I'm never quite sure whether we do need to increment
"GOMP_VERSION" when only doing libgomp-internal libgomp-plugin changes,
which don't affect the user/GCC side?

GCC encodes "GOMP_VERSION" in "GOMP_offload_register_ver" calls
synthesized by "mkoffload": "GOMP_VERSION_PACK (/* LIB */ GOMP_VERSION,
/* DEV */ GOMP_VERSION_NVIDIA_PTX)", and then at run time libgomp checks
in "GOMP_offload_register_ver", so that we don't try to load offloading
code with an _old_ libgomp that has been compiled with/for the _new_
version.  (Right?)

     GOMP_offload_register_ver (unsigned version, const void *host_table,
                                int target_type, const void *target_data)
     { [...]
       if (GOMP_VERSION_LIB (version) > GOMP_VERSION)
         gomp_fatal ("Library too old for offload (version %u < %u)",
                     GOMP_VERSION, GOMP_VERSION_LIB (version));

I don't have a problem with your change per se, but wouldn't we still be
able to load such code, given that we only changed the libgomp-interal
libgomp-plugin interface?

Am I confused?

Or is the above just an (unavoidable?) side effect, because we do need to
increment "GOMP_VERSION" for this check here:

       if (device->version_func () != GOMP_VERSION)
           err = "plugin version mismatch";
           goto fail;

..., which is making sure that the libgomp proper vs. libgomp-plugin
versions match.

The intended effect is exactly to ensure libgomp proper vs plugin compatibility.
We don't ensure backward/forward compatibility between libgomp/plugin, and
this version equality check is what enforces that.

--- a/libgomp/
+++ b/libgomp/
@@ -458,7 +462,6 @@ GOMP_PLUGIN_1.0 {
-	GOMP_PLUGIN_async_unmap_vars;

I think that's fine, but highlighting this again for Jakub, in case
there's an issue with removing a symbol from the libgomp-plugin

Since we don't enforce the libgomp/plugin interface to be compatible across
versions, I expect this to be okay.

--- a/libgomp/libgomp-plugin.h
+++ b/libgomp/libgomp-plugin.h

+/* Opaque type to represent plugin-dependent implementation of an
+   OpenACC asynchronous queue.  */
+struct goacc_asyncqueue;
+/* Used to keep a list of active asynchronous queues.  */
+struct goacc_asyncqueue_list
+  struct goacc_asyncqueue *aq;
+  struct goacc_asyncqueue_list *next;
+typedef struct goacc_asyncqueue *goacc_aq;
+typedef struct goacc_asyncqueue_list *goacc_aq_list;

I'm not too fond of such "syntactic sugar" typedefs, but if that's fine
for Jakub to have in libgomp, then I won't object.

I'd be in favor then of "typedef struct N *N" or "typedef struct N *N_t"
variants however, instead of introducing yet another "goacc_aq" acronym
next to "goacc_asyncqueue", and "async queue" or "asynchronous queue" as
used in the descriptive texts (comments, etc.).  Maybe standardize all
these to "asyncqueue", also in the descriptive texts?

OpenACC, by the way, uses the term "device activity queue" (in most?
places...) to describe the underlying mechanism used to implement the
OpenACC "async" clause etc.

Please, no more name style changes, please... Orz (beg)

I think I originally thought of "asyncqueue" too, but I felt a shorthand was
needed in many places, and the straightforward "aq" seemed too short to be
comfortably informative. The "goacc_" prefix seemed just right.

Besides, the crucial name convention I had in mind was "queues" in OpenACC,
versus "streams" in CUDA. I don't see much value in further spinning on this

Should "struct goacc_asyncqueue_list" and its typedef still be defined
here in "libgomp/libgomp-plugin.h" (for proximity to the other stuff),
even though it's not actually used in the libgomp-plugin interface?

It looks like it can indeed be placed in libgomp.h, maybe just before the
declaration of acc_dispatch_t.

I originally placed it there in libgomp-plugin.h simply to
collect the declarations related to goacc_asyncqueue together in one place.
Is separating them really better?

--- a/libgomp/libgomp.h
+++ b/libgomp/libgomp.h
@@ -888,19 +888,23 @@ typedef struct acc_dispatch_t
+  struct {
+    gomp_mutex_t lock;
+    int nasyncqueue;
+    struct goacc_asyncqueue **asyncqueue;
+    struct goacc_asyncqueue_list *active;
+  } async;

For "lock" see my comments elsewhere.

I'll respond to that part there later as well.

That data structure itself should be fine, no need for something more
complex, given that users typically only use a handful of such queues,
with low integer ID async-arguments.
I'd maybe name these members "queues_n", "queues", "queues_active".

As for the following changes, will you please make sure that there is one
common order for these, used in "libgomp/libgomp-plugin.h" function
prototypes, "libgomp/libgomp.h:acc_dispatch_t",
"libgomp/target.c:gomp_load_plugin_for_device", "libgomp/oacc-host.c"
function definitions as well as in "host_dispatch", and the
libgomp-plugin(s) themselves (that's all, I think?).

Okay, I'll update that.


--- a/libgomp/libgomp-plugin.h
+++ b/libgomp/libgomp-plugin.h
@@ -93,22 +107,31 @@ extern bool GOMP_OFFLOAD_dev2dev (int, void *, const void *, size_t);
  extern bool GOMP_OFFLOAD_can_run (void *);
  extern void GOMP_OFFLOAD_run (int, void *, void *, void **);
  extern void GOMP_OFFLOAD_async_run (int, void *, void *, void **, void *);
  extern void GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_exec (void (*) (void *), size_t, void **,
-				       void **, int, unsigned *, void *);
-extern void GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_register_async_cleanup (void *, int);
-extern int GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_async_test (int);
-extern int GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_async_test_all (void);
-extern void GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_async_wait (int);
-extern void GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_async_wait_async (int, int);
-extern void GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_async_wait_all (void);
-extern void GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_async_wait_all_async (int);
-extern void GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_async_set_async (int);
+				       void **, unsigned *, void *);
+extern void GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_async_exec (void (*) (void *), size_t, void **,
+					     void **, unsigned *, void *,
+					     struct goacc_asyncqueue *);
+extern struct goacc_asyncqueue *GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_async_construct (void);
+extern bool GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_async_destruct (struct goacc_asyncqueue *);
+extern int GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_async_test (struct goacc_asyncqueue *);
+extern void GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_async_synchronize (struct goacc_asyncqueue *);
+extern void GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_async_serialize (struct goacc_asyncqueue *,
+						  struct goacc_asyncqueue *);
+extern void GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_async_queue_callback (struct goacc_asyncqueue *,
+						       void (*)(void *), void *);
+extern bool GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_async_host2dev (int, void *, const void *, size_t,
+						 struct goacc_asyncqueue *);
+extern bool GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_async_dev2host (int, void *, const void *, size_t,
+						 struct goacc_asyncqueue *);
  extern void *GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_create_thread_data (int);
  extern void GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_destroy_thread_data (void *);
  extern void *GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_cuda_get_current_device (void);
  extern void *GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_cuda_get_current_context (void);
-extern void *GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_cuda_get_stream (int);
-extern int GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_cuda_set_stream (int, void *);
+extern void *GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_cuda_get_stream (struct goacc_asyncqueue *);
+extern int GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_cuda_set_stream (struct goacc_asyncqueue *,
+						 void *);
#ifdef __cplusplus

--- a/libgomp/libgomp.h
+++ b/libgomp/libgomp.h
@@ -888,19 +888,23 @@ typedef struct acc_dispatch_t
    /* Execute.  */
    __typeof (GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_exec) *exec_func;
- /* Async cleanup callback registration. */
-  __typeof (GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_register_async_cleanup)
-    *register_async_cleanup_func;
-  /* Asynchronous routines.  */
-  __typeof (GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_async_test) *async_test_func;
-  __typeof (GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_async_test_all) *async_test_all_func;
-  __typeof (GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_async_wait) *async_wait_func;
-  __typeof (GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_async_wait_async) *async_wait_async_func;
-  __typeof (GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_async_wait_all) *async_wait_all_func;
-  __typeof (GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_async_wait_all_async)
-    *async_wait_all_async_func;
-  __typeof (GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_async_set_async) *async_set_async_func;
+  struct {
+    gomp_mutex_t lock;
+    int nasyncqueue;
+    struct goacc_asyncqueue **asyncqueue;
+    struct goacc_asyncqueue_list *active;
+    __typeof (GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_async_construct) *construct_func;
+    __typeof (GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_async_destruct) *destruct_func;
+    __typeof (GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_async_test) *test_func;
+    __typeof (GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_async_synchronize) *synchronize_func;
+    __typeof (GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_async_serialize) *serialize_func;
+    __typeof (GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_async_queue_callback) *queue_callback_func;
+    __typeof (GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_async_exec) *exec_func;
+    __typeof (GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_async_host2dev) *host2dev_func;
+    __typeof (GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_async_dev2host) *dev2host_func;
+  } async;
/* Create/destroy TLS data. */
    __typeof (GOMP_OFFLOAD_openacc_create_thread_data) *create_thread_data_func;


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