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[PATCH] Libraries' configure scripts should not read when multilib is disabled

Currently some multilib variables are initialized, and instantiated, whether or not a multilib build is being performed. I ran into this because I am building the runtime libraries (libatomic right now) separately from GCC. Multilib is disabled, and no multilib variables are set, yet the configure script fails after it cannot find `${multi_basedir}/`.

I understand this building them separately is not supported, but am nevertheless hoping the patch can nevertheless be upstreamed on the grounds that this generally cleans up the build system in accordance with the principle that "feature foo" variables need not be written and should not be read when feature foo is disabled. libgcc's configure script, for example, has some similar-looking bespoke m4 script with `. ${libgcc_topdir}/` instead, side-stepping the issue. Perhaps with this fixed, all the libraries could use the same macro. [I suppose I'd be willing to investigate that.]



[Continuing from Did not know this sort of thing should exclusively go to this list. My apologies.]

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