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Re: [0/5] C-SKY port

On Tue, 24 Jul 2018, Sandra Loosemore wrote:

> On 07/23/2018 10:17 PM, Sandra Loosemore wrote:
> > C-SKY proposes Han Mao <> and Yunhai Shang
> > <> as maintainers for this port.  
> I apologize, I made a mistake here.  The correct proposed maintainers are
> Xianmiao Qu <> and Yunhai Shang
> <>.

I'd like to confirm: will the maintainers be running a bot reporting test 
results for trunk for at least one C-SKY configuration to gcc-testresults 
(daily or thereabouts), and monitoring results for regressions and 
addressing those regressions promptly?  We don't yet have such a 
requirement, but when an architecture-independent patch causes failures on 
a particular architectures, it's much better if the architecture 
maintainers raise the issue while the patch is still fresh in the author's 
mind (meaning within a few days at most of the commit) than if they only 
look at results and track down the patch causing the failure many months 
later (e.g. while reviewing test results in preparation for the following 

> > We expect that
> > C-SKY will also be providing a public link to the processor and ABI
> > documentation at some point.
> The ABI manual has been posted, but not the ISA documentation yet.  (I'd guess
> that when it does show up it will be in the same place, though.)

Could you provide the proposed GCC website changes for the port 
(backends.html, readings.html, news item for index.html)?  readings.html, 
in particular, would link to the ABI and ISA documentation, while 
backends.html gives summary information about the properties of both the 
architecture and the GCC port.

Joseph S. Myers

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