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[PATCH 00/11] [nvptx] Initial vector length changes

From: Cesar Philippidis <>

This patch series contains various cleanups and structural
reorganizations to the NVPTX BE in preparation for the forthcoming
variable length vector length enhancements. Tom, in order to make
these changes easier for you to review, I broke these patches into
logical components. If approved for trunk, would you like to see these
patches committed individually, or all together in a single huge

One notable change in this patch set is the partial inclusion of the
PTX_DEFAULT_RUNTIME_DIM change that I previously placed with the
libgomp default geometry update patch that I posted a couple of weeks
ago. I don't want to block this patch series so I included the nvptx
changes in patch 01.

It this OK for trunk? I regtested both standalone and offloading
compiliers. I'm seeing some inconsistencies in the standalone compiler
results, so I might rerun those just to be safe. But the results using
nvptx as an offloading compiler came back clean.


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