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Re: [Patch, Fortran] PR 57160: short-circuit IF only with -ffrontend-optimize

Hi Janus,

> gfortran currently does short-circuiting, and after my patch for PR
> 85599 warns about cases where this might remove an impure function
> call (which potentially can change results).
> Now, this PR (57160) is about code which relies on the
> short-circuiting behavior. Since short-circuiting is not guaranteed by
> the standard, such code is invalid. Generating a warning or an error
> at compile-time is a bit harder here, though, since there are multiple
> variations of such a situation, e.g.:
> * ALLOCATED(a) .AND. a%T
> * i<ubound(x) .AND. x(i)
> * …

Aren’t you confusing portability with validity?
The above codes are indeed invalid without short-circuit evaluation,
 but I did not find anything in the standard saying such codes are
invalid with short-circuit evaluation.

> The suggestion in the PR was to do short-circuiting only with
> optimization flags, but inhibit it with -O0, so that the faulty code
> will run into a segfault (or runtime error) at least when
> optimizations are disabled, and the problem can be identified.

This PR has nothing to do with optimization and I think
 it is a very bad idea to (ab)use any optimization option.

Please leave the default behavior (and test) as they are now.
If you want non short-circuit evaluation, introduce an option for it.

Note that the warning introduce for pr85599 should be disabled
for non short-circuit evaluations.



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