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Re: RFC: Patch to implement Aarch64 SIMD ABI

On Thu, 2018-07-19 at 08:31 +0100, Richard Sandiford wrote:
> > @@ -4706,8 +4730,11 @@ aarch64_process_components (sbitmap
> > components, bool prologue_p)
> >    while (regno != last_regno)
> >      {
> >        /* AAPCS64 section 5.1.2 requires only the bottom 64 bits to be saved
> > -      so DFmode for the vector registers is enough.  */
> > -      machine_mode mode = GP_REGNUM_P (regno) ? E_DImode : E_DFmode;
> > +      so DFmode for the vector registers is enough.  For simd functions
> > +         we want to save the entire register.  */
> > +      machine_mode mode = GP_REGNUM_P (regno) ? E_DImode
> > +     : (aarch64_simd_function_p (cfun->decl) ? E_TFmode : E_DFmode);
> This condition also occurs in aarch64_push_regs and aarch64_pop_regs.
> It'd probably be worth splitting it out into a subfunction.
> I think you also need to handle the writeback cases, which should work
> for Q registers too.  This will mean extra loadwb_pair and storewb_pair
> patterns.
> LGTM otherwise FWIW.

Yes, I see where I missed this in aarch64_push_regs
and aarch64_pop_regs.  I think that is why the second of
Wilco's two examples (f2) is wrong.  I am unclear about
exactly what is meant by writeback and why we have it and
how that and callee_adjust are used.  Any chance someone
could help me understand this part of the prologue/epilogue
code better?  The comments in aarch64.c/aarch64.h aren't
really helping me understand what the code is doing or
why it is doing it.

Steve Ellcey

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