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Re: [PATCH] Fix __mmask* types on many AVX512 intrinsics

On Mon, Jul 9, 2018 at 10:37 AM, Jakub Jelinek <> wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 08, 2018 at 02:39:40AM +0300, Grazvydas Ignotas wrote:
>> > I guess we want to backport it soon, but would appreciate somebody testing
>> > it on real AVX512-{BW,VL} hw before doing the backports.
>> I've run the testsuite with this patch applied and all tests passed on
>> i7-7800X.
> Thanks for the testing.
>> There are avx512vl-vmovdqa64-1.c and avx512vl-vpermilpdi-1.c
>> failures, but those seem unrelated.
> These are dg-do compile tests, and they PASS for me, even when doing
> make check-gcc RUNTESTFLAGS="--target_board=unix/-march=skylake-avx512 i386.exp='avx512vl-vmovdqa64-1.c avx512vl-vpermilpdi-1.c'"
> So, how exactly you've configured your gcc, what kind of options are
> passed to the test and how they FAIL?

I should've mentioned I've tested this patch on top of 8.1 release
tarball and used crosstool-NG to build the toolchain with it's "GCC
test suite" option enabled. It looks like crosstool is applying some
patches, so the results might not be valid. Here is the log (seems to
contain the configuration info), where I just grepped for FAIL and the
new test names to see if they were actually run:


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