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Re: [patch] jump threading multiple paths that start from the same BB

On 06/29/2018 02:50 PM, Jeff Law wrote:
[ Returning to another old patch... ]

On 11/07/2017 10:33 AM, Aldy Hernandez wrote:
[One more time, but without rejected HTML mail, because apparently this
is my first post to gcc-patches *ever* ;-)].


While poking around in the backwards threader I noticed that we bail if
we have already seen a starting BB.

       /* Do not jump-thread twice from the same block.  */
       if (bitmap_bit_p (threaded_blocks, entry->src->index)

This limitation discards paths that are sub-paths of paths that have
already been threaded.

The following patch scans the remaining to-be-threaded paths to identify
if any of them start from the same point, and are thus sub-paths of the
just-threaded path.  By removing the common prefix of blocks in upcoming
threadable paths, and then rewiring first non-common block
appropriately, we expose new threading opportunities, since we are no
longer starting from the same BB.  We also simplify the would-be
threaded paths, because we don't duplicate already duplicated paths.

This sounds confusing, but the documentation for the entry point to my
patch (adjust_paths_after_duplication) shows an actual example:

+/* After an FSM path has been jump threaded, adjust the remaining FSM
+   paths that are subsets of this path, so these paths can be safely
+   threaded within the context of the new threaded path.
+   For example, suppose we have just threaded:
+   5 -> 6 -> 7 -> 8 -> 12      =>      5 -> 6' -> 7' -> 8' -> 12'
+   And we have an upcoming threading candidate:
+   5 -> 6 -> 7 -> 8 -> 15 -> 20
+   This function adjusts the upcoming path into:
+   8' -> 15 -> 20

Notice that we will no longer have two paths that start from the same
BB.  One will start with bb5, while the adjusted path will start with
bb8'.  With this we kill two birds-- we are able to thread more paths,
and these paths will avoid duplicating a whole mess of things that have
already been threaded.

The attached patch is a subset of some upcoming work that can live on
its own.  It bootstraps and regtests.  Also, by running it on a handful
of .ii files, I can see that we are able to thread sub-paths that we
previously dropped on the floor.  More is better, right? :)

To test this, I stole Jeff's method of using cachegrind to benchmark
instruction counts and conditional branches

Basically, I bootstrapped two compilers, with and without improvements,
and used each to build a stage1 trunk.  Each of these stage1-trunks were
used on 246 .ii GCC files I have lying around from a bootstrap some
random point last year.  I used no special flags on builds apart from

Although I would've wished a larger improvement, this works comes for
free, as it's just a subset of other work I'm hacking on.

Without further ado, here are my monumental, earth shattering improvements:

Conditional branches
    Without patch: 411846839709
    With    patch: 411831330316
         %changed: -0.0037660%

Number of instructions
    Without patch: 2271844650634
    With    patch: 2271761153578
         %changed: -0.0036754%

OK for trunk?

p.s. There is a lot of debugging/dumping code in my patch, which I can
gladly remove if/when approved.  It helps keep my head straight while
looking at this spaghetti :).



	* tree-ssa-threadupdate.c (mark_threaded_blocks): Avoid
	dereferencing path[] beyond its length.
	(debug_path): New.
	(debug_all_paths): New.
	(rewire_first_differing_edge): New.
	(adjust_paths_after_duplication): New.
	(duplicate_thread_path): Call adjust_paths_after_duplication.
	Add new argument.
	(thread_through_all_blocks): Add new argument to
This is fine for the trunk.  I'd keep the dumping code as-is.  It'll be
useful in the future :-)

Retested against current trunk and committed.



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