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Re: C/C++ PATCH to add __typeof_noqual (PR c/65455, c/39985)

On Wed, 28 Jun 2017, Martin Sebor wrote:

> I don't think there is an equivalent, dedicated trait in C++ to
> do that either.  One would have to be composed of the lower-level
> ones.  There also is no trait that would remove all type qualifiers
> (including extensions), or even traits for querying extensions.
> So (AFAIK) there is no way in C++ to do exactly what you described.
> That of course doesn't mean that it doesn't make sense, just that
> it's too advanced even for C++ despite its highly evolved support
> for generic programming.  I would suggest that although providing
> something like it would be nice, its absence shouldn't stand in
> the way of defining the more limited interfaces first.

Does (standard) C++ have any of restrict, _Atomic or address spaces, which 
are what indicate doing more than simply things for const and volatile?

The more limited interfaces could, of course, be __typeof_noqual in some 

Joseph S. Myers

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