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Re: [gofrontend-dev] [PATCH, go]: S/390: Fix generation of PtraceRegs

On Tue, Jun 27, 2017 at 12:52 AM, Andreas Krebbel
<> wrote:
> go bootstrap fails on s390x starting with r249472. With including the ptrace header the s390 special
> code in isn't used anymore:
> if test "$regs" = ""; then
>   # s390
>   regs=`grep '^type __user_regs_struct struct' gen-sysinfo.go || true`
>   if test "$regs" != ""; then
>     # Substructures of __user_regs_struct on s390
>     upcase_fields "__user_psw_struct" "PtracePsw" >> ${OUT} || true
>     upcase_fields "__user_fpregs_struct" "PtraceFpregs" >> ${OUT} || true
>     upcase_fields "__user_per_struct" "PtracePer" >> ${OUT} || true
>   fi
> fi
> Instead we fall through to the code with the generic handling which appears to work fine. The only
> difference is that the former code used to uppercase the initial letters of the struct member while
> the generic handler doesn't. The only user however appear to be syscall_linux_s390(x).go.
> The attached patch removes the S/390 specific handling and adjusts the
> syscall_linux_s390* file accordingly.
> This fixes the bootstrap on s390x.

Thanks for sending this.

Committed to mainline.


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