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Re: [PATCH] PR libstdc++/81221 fix namespace qualification for parallel mode

On 27/06/17 15:46 +0100, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
std::sample needs to call _GLIBCXX_STD_A::__sample instead of
std::__sample, so that it works when Parallel Mode is active.

	PR libstdc++/81221
	* include/bits/stl_algo.h (sample): Qualify with _GLIBCXX_STD_A not
	* testsuite/25_algorithms/sample/ New.

Tested powerpc64le-linux, committed to trunk, and will commit to the
gcc-7-branch shortly.

I forgot that tests can't use -D_GLIBCXX_PARALLEL if libgomp isn't
available. This makes it conditional on running "make check-parallel"

Commnitted to trunk.

commit 8fb437bed6c707288f8d1fa6c27c6e3ed6b422a4
Author: Jonathan Wakely <>
Date:   Tue Jun 27 16:31:25 2017 +0100

    PR libstdc++/81221 only run new test for check-parallel
    	PR libstdc++/81221
    	* testsuite/25_algorithms/sample/ Disable except for

diff --git a/libstdc++-v3/testsuite/25_algorithms/sample/ b/libstdc++-v3/testsuite/25_algorithms/sample/
index e6dd5e0..28ec0e3 100644
--- a/libstdc++-v3/testsuite/25_algorithms/sample/
+++ b/libstdc++-v3/testsuite/25_algorithms/sample/
@@ -17,7 +17,6 @@
 // { dg-options "-std=gnu++17" }
 // { dg-do compile { target c++1z } }
+// { dg-require-parallel-mode "" }
 #include <algorithm>

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