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Re: [PATCH][AArch64][GCC 6] PR target/79041: Correct -mpc-relative-literal-loads logic in aarch64_classify_symbol

Hi Yvan,

> Here is the backport of Wilco's patch (r237607) along with Kyrill's
> one (r244643, which removed the remaining occurences of
> aarch64_nopcrelative_literal_loads).  To fix the issue the original
> patch has to be modified, to keep aarch64_pcrelative_literal_loads
> test for large models in aarch64_classify_symbol.

The patch looks good to me, however I can't approve it.

> On trunk and gcc-7-branch the :lo12: relocations are not generated
> because of Wilco's fix for pr78733 (r243456 and 243486), but my
> understanding is that the bug is still present since compiling
> with -mcmodel=large brings back the
> :lo12: relocations (I'll submit a patch to add the test back if my
> understanding is correct).

You're right, eventhough -mpc-relative-literal-loads doesn't make much sense
in the large memory model, it seems best to keep the option orthogonal to
enable the workaround. I've prepared a patch to fix this on trunk/GCC7.
It also adds a test which we should add to your changes to GCC6 too.


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