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Re: [PR80693] drop value of parallel SETs dropped by combine

On Jun 22, 2017, Alexandre Oliva <> wrote:

> The patch below (is this what you meant?) fixes the PR testcase, and the
> new else block doesn't get exercised in an x86_64-linux-gnu bootstrap.

Err, I misdescribed the situation.  It's not that it doesn't get
exercised, it's that this new block doesn't make any noticeable
difference in the generated code.  I checked that by adding a new option
in common.opt, running the new block conditionally on the new option,
building stage1 host normally, then continuing bootstrap with
GCC_COMPARE_DEBUG=-fthe-new-option set in the environment, building
target libs and stage2 build and host like that.  GCC_COMPARE_DEBUG,
like -fcompare-debug, checks that the compiler dumps at final are the

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