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Re: [PATCH] [i386] Enable Control-flow Enforcement Technology (CET).

This patch is completely missing documentation (in *.texi files) of the 
new options, attribute, built-in functions etc.

You appear to be adding quite target-specific things to the 
architecture-independent compiler.  If the attribute, for example, is to 
be architecture-independent, the documentation needs to define semantics 
for it that make sense on any architecture (or any architecture providing 
such features), not just on x86; the patch submission needs to justify the 
design choices of what is target-specific and what is target-independent.  
(Cf. MPX where there are various architecture-independent features for 
which a software implementation would be logically possible, although 
actually the only implementation of those features in GCC is for MPX 
hardware.)  I don't think this patch would even build for non-x86 targets, 
because you're putting completely x86-specific references such as 
TARGET_CET and gen_nop_endbr in target-independent files.

Joseph S. Myers

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