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Re: [v3] Use pthread effective-target in testsuite

On 15/06/17 11:13 +0200, Rainer Orth wrote:
I've recently been reminded that the pthread tests in libstdc++ still
use insanely long lists of targets to control where they are run.  I'd
several times promised to do something about that, and here's the patch
that finally does.

The patch is mostly mechanical (and those parts were produced by a short
perl script), but a couple of issues bear comments or pose questions:

* For all tests using -pthread, I've removed the target lists from both
 dg-do run and dg-options, replacing them by
 dg-require-effective-target pthread instead.

* 4 tests in 30_threads/shared_mutex use -std=gnu++17 in addition to
 -pthread, but in a weird way: most targets use both options, but three
 (*-*-darwin*, *-*-cygwin, *-*-rtems) only pass -std=gnu++17.  I've no
 idea why and think this is unnecessary:

** Darwin is just a regular pthreads target, so this should work just

** Cygwin (and MingW) both understand -pthread as well.  If there's some
  reason *not* to use it here, it should be explained in the tests and
  made explicit.

** RTEMS just ignores -pthread according to gcc/config/rtems.opt, so we
  should be fine with just passing it anyway.

Looks good, thanks for the analysis.

* The two tests are GNU specific (__forced_unwind
 exception) and time out on Solaris when I tried, so I've left the
 target list as is.  I've just removed the target list from dg-options
 (which is unnecessary duplication and incorrectly included
 *-*-solaris* in one case) and added the pthread effective-target
 although that's not strictly necessary.


* In 30_threads/this_thread/ I've moved the c++11 requirement to
 dg-require-effective-target for symmetry.


Two testcases I've left alone:

* 18_support/bad_exception/23591_thread-1.c requires -ftable-verify
 support; one could add the pthread effective target and eventually
 replace the explicit (possibly incomplete) target list, but that's for
 another time.

* ext/mt_allocator/ is currently restricted to
 *-*-linux*, *-*-gnu*, but I don't immediately see why it couldn't work
 on other targets with dlopen and friends.

OK, leaving them alone is fine.

I've refrained from creating a 200+ entry ChangeLog entry for the
mechanical part, but could do so if required.

No, this is fine.

Bootstrapped without regressions on i386-pc-solaris2.12,
sparc-sun-solaris2.12, and x86_64-pc-linux-gnu.

Did some limited testing on x86_64-apple-darwin16.7.0, but Darwin
testing is currently massively hampered by PR bootstrap/81033.

Ok for mainline?

Yes please. This makes me very happy, thank you!

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