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Re: [PATCH 2/13] D: The front-end (GDC) implementation.

On Wed, 14 Jun 2017, Iain Buclaw wrote:

> Just to make sure I understand the structure correct.  There are a a
> lot of files that would be involved.
> - d/d-target.def: Define the hooks.
> - d/d-target.h: Data definitions, extern gcc_targetdm;
> - d/d-target-def.h: Default initializers (if applicable?)
> - config.gcc: Add d_target_objs, assign platform and cpu files to it
> as necessary.
> - config/cpu/cpu-d.c: For each CPU that needs it, new file.  Here
> would go CPU-related versions.
> - config/os-d.c: For each OS that needs it, new file.  Here would go
> OS and CRuntime versions, and other information like
> sizeof(pthread_mutex_t).
> - config/default-d.c: Define targetdm.
> - config/glibc-d.c (others): Replaces default-d.c.
> - config/t-glibc (others): Add build rules for above source file.
> - Add genhooks for d-target-hooks-def.h, build rule for default-d.c
> I think that covers everything.

That seems about right - subject to the issue of how architecture-specific 
configuration is visible to the definition of targetdm if that definition 
is in an OS-specific file, without ending up with a target macro in tm.h 
that's visible everywhere (see the suggestion in config/default-c.c of 
having a tm_c.h for such definitions, so tm_d.h in this case).

Joseph S. Myers

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