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Patch RFC: disable block partitioning with split stack

This recent patch turned on
block partitioning even when profiling is not enabled.  This can break
code compiled with -fsplit-stack, if the cold partition calls a
function that is not compiled with -fsplit-stack (such as a C library
function).  The problem is that when the linker sees a split-stack
function call a non-split-stack function, it adjusts the function
header to request more stack space.  This doesn't work if the call is
in the cold partition, as the linker doesn't know how to find the
header to adjust.  You can see this by trying to build the Go library
using the gold linker with this patch.

This patch fixes the problem by disabling an implicit
-freorder-blocks-and-partition when -fsplit-stack is turned on.  If
the user explicitly requested -freorder-blocks-and-partition we leave
it alone, assuming that they know what they are doing.  But if it was
only turned it on implicitly because of the optimization level we turn
it off.

This is done in both the main option handling code and in the Go
frontend option handling, because the Go frontend implicitly turns on
-fsplit-stack itself.

The test case in the patch fails to build when using the gold linker
without the patch.

Bootstrapped and ran split-stack test cases on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu.

I plan to commit this tomorrow unless I hear objections.


2017-06-08  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

* opts.c (finish_options): If -fsplit-stack, disable implicit

2017-06-08  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

* go-lang.c (go_langhook_post_options): If -fsplit-stack is turned
on, disable implicit -forder-blocks-and-partition.

2017-06-08  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

* gcc.dg/tree-prof/split-1.c: New test.

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