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Do not silently disable flag_reorder_functions when profile info is missing

flag_reorder_functions is now able to offload code leading to cold function calls.
For this reason it now makes sense to enable with w/o profiling as well (I plan to
enable it for -O2 but by a separate patch)

Bootstrapped/regtested x86_64-linux, comitted.

	* opts.c (finish_options): x_flag_reorder_blocks_and_partition no
	longer requires x_flag_profile_use.
Index: opts.c
--- opts.c	(revision 249013)
+++ opts.c	(working copy)
@@ -863,16 +863,6 @@ finish_options (struct gcc_options *opts
       opts->x_flag_reorder_blocks = 1;
-  /* Disable -freorder-blocks-and-partition when -fprofile-use is not in
-     effect. Function splitting was not actually being performed in that case,
-     as probably_never_executed_bb_p does not distinguish any basic blocks as
-     being cold vs hot when there is no profile data. Leaving it enabled,
-     however, causes the assembly code generator to create (empty) cold
-     sections and labels, leading to unnecessary size overhead.  */
-  if (opts->x_flag_reorder_blocks_and_partition
-      && !opts_set->x_flag_profile_use)
-    opts->x_flag_reorder_blocks_and_partition = 0;
   if (opts->x_flag_reorder_blocks_and_partition
       && !opts_set->x_flag_reorder_functions)
     opts->x_flag_reorder_functions = 1;

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