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Re: [PATCH 5/7] Modify obstack.[hc] to avoid having to include other gnulib files

On 11/07/2015 01:10 AM, Alan Modra wrote:
Using the standard gnulib obstack source requires importing quite a
lot of other files from gnulib, and requires build changes.

If one did want to use gnulib obstack directly, then it would need to
go in a sub-directory and after ".../gnulib-tool --import obstack"
we'd have the following:

alignof.h   gettext.h    obstack.h
exitfail.h  obstack.c  unistd.c

00gnulib.m4         gnulib-comp.m4   obstack.m4   stdint.m4       wchar_t.m4
absolute-header.m4  gnulib-tool.m4   off_t.m4     stdlib_h.m4
extern-inline.m4    include_next.m4  onceonly.m4  sys_types_h.m4
gnulib-cache.m4     longlong.m4      ssize_t.m4   unistd_h.m4
gnulib-common.m4    multiarch.m4     stddef_h.m4  warn-on-use.m4

arg-nonnull.h  c++defs.h  _Noreturn.h  warn-on-use.h

	PR gdb/17133
	* obstack.h (__attribute_pure__): Expand _GL_ATTRIBUTE_PURE.
	PR gdb/17133
	* obstack.c (__alignof__): Expand alignof_type from alignof.h.
	(obstack_exit_failure): Don't use exitfail.h.
	(_): Include libintl.h when HAVE_LIBINTL_H and nls enabled.
	Provide default.  Don't include gettext.h.
	(_Noreturn): Define.
	* obstacks.texi: Adjust node references to external libc info files.
Ewww. I suspect we'll probably want to go with direct use of gnulib obstack at some point, but this hack-ish patch is OK for now.


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