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Re: [PATCH] Allow embedded timestamps by C/C++ macros to be set externally

On 30 June 2015 at 17:18, Dhole <> wrote:
> In the debian reproducible builds project we have considered several
> options to address this issue. We considered redefining the __DATE__ and
> __TIME__ defines by command line flags passed to gcc, but as you say,
> that triggers warnings, which could become errors when building with
> -Werror and thus may require manual intervention on many packages.

Well, it would require adding -Wno-something (-Wno-reproducible?
-Wno-unreproducible? or perhaps simply -freproducible? ) to some
CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS. Is that too much manual intervention? (I'm asking
sincerely, perhaps indeed it is).

This could be a big hammer option that simply disables any warning
that is not relevant for reproducible builds (the default being
-Wsomething), for example avoid emitting --Wbuiltin-macro-redefined
warnings in the specific cases of __TIME__ and __DATE. Just an idea,
the maintainers would need to say if they would accept such an option.



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